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 RGB Fabulous Landscapes by carnovsky

Leafy forests and palatial interiors become visible under different coloured lights in the latest series of wallpapers and screens by Milan design studio Carnovsky .

RGB  Landscapes by Carnovsky  at the Fondazione Adolfo Pini in Milan this month included a wallpaper that reveals various scenes depending on the colour of the LEDs shining on it. The combination of red, blue or green light reveals the interior of a grand building, a dense forest or a marching crowd. 

On the upper floor of the building, Carnovsky showed lacquered wooden screens and a handmade carpet decorated with animals and anatomical drawings.  In the courtyard outside, the designers installed the Atmospherics series of 20 screens depicting landscapes and meteorological phenomena, such as a sun bursting through the clouds. 

Last year we featured a lamp that uses three different-coloured LEDs to cast cyan, magenta and yellow shadows on the walls.

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