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things doctors have told me will help with endometriosis pain that actually do nothing:

  1. ibuprofen
  2. acetaminophen
  3. naproxen
  4. laparoscopic surgery
  5. hormonal birth control

things doctors have told me to try, just in case they might help maybe:

  1. more laparoscopic surgery
  2. prescription painkillers…

THIS!!!! This right fucking here!!!!


you can’t see it but we sure as hell can feel it. we may not look sick but our insides are tearing apart. you might think that we’re faking it but we’re experiencing some of the most unexplainable pain we’ve faced in our lives. simple tasks, even getting out of bed some days takes so much work but, we do it. we will not let endometriosis win. we are stronger than it is.

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